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Your donations to SWOOP help make free services for seniors possible

Your gifts make a difference

When you donate to SWOOP, your dollars help fund existing programs to cover costs to support volunteer mileage reimbursement, senior citizen home visits for enrollment, training for volunteers and staff members. Your donations will help cover the costs that our current grants do not cover to fully support our current transportation and volunteer assisted programs.

SWOOP focuses primarily on the transportation for senior citizens in our community. All of our funds go to support these efforts. 

With a donation of:

Provide a round trip for a senior to go a routine medical appointment, grocery store, pharmacy, senior center and more. They receive a volunteer-assisted ride by a community volunteer driver who stays with them the entire time. If time allows, the senior will also be offered a quick stop to a pharmacy drop off or one additional service on the route home. Stops are allowed based on the volunteer’s time.

Provides 5 round trips.

Provides 10 round trips.

Donations help our car care program for those who volunteer with seniors

Southwest Outreach for Older People (SWOOP) is a San Antonio non-profit that provides rides to the elderly with a 100% volunteer driver base. In an effort to promote community awareness of SWOOP’s mission and recruitment efforts, we are inviting you to join our SWOOP Car Care Partner Program.

Our volunteers use their own cars and cover their own expenses. The additional support that the Car Care Program will provide will be for car maintenance and volunteer support purchases.

With a donation of:

Provide one car wash for a Community Volunteer Driver who provided transportation to senior citizen.

Provide an oil change for a Community Volunteer Driver who provides transportation and companionship to a senior citizen.

Provide a year of car washes for a volunteer driver.

Other ways funds can be used in the Car Care Program include:
  • Transport older adults to and from their medical appointments
  • Volunteer Driver will wait with senior and return him/her home after appointment
  • Done on a one-on-one basis
  • To be a careful and responsible driver
  • To meet transportation request promptly as assigned and call immediately if unable to keep an assigned request

If you own a local business in San Antonio and would like to partner with SWOOP to support and provide additional rewards for community volunteer drivers, please contact us.

Match your donations through workplace giving

Your employer may offer to match the donation you make to SWOOP. Please check with your Human Resources department to learn more about the matching gifts program offered through your company.

SWOOP Workplace Giving Partners:
•  San Antonio Combined Federal Campaign
•  San Antonio Metropolitan Area Campaign
If your company gives through United Way, you can designate your gift to SWOOP by using #285 as our agency number. 
United Way SA
Call a Ride for Seniors
San Antonio Area Foundation
South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
West San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Bexar County
“My mobility isn’t what it used to be, so it’s nice to know I can count on my SWOOP volunteer to get me where I need to go. Not only has he become a friend, he’s a part of my family.”