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5310 Grant Funds Awarded to SWOOP

On October 29, 2015, VIA Metropolitan Transit notified SWOOP that we were being awarded funds from a 5310 Grant for “Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities.”  
Funds for the grant program originate from the federal government and are sent to the state. From there, the state takes applications from area mobility coordinators. SWOOP submitted a grant application to the coordinator for our area, VIA Transportation Authority, requesting 5310 funds to purchase and operate a wheelchair-equipped van. 
The PRESA organization will provide dispatching services to SWOOP once the van is in service. SWOOP will implement a plan so that if an individual using transportation through our volunteer program has special needs, we can accommodate them with our wheelchair-equipped van. These clients will be able to use SWOOP services longer, providing a consistent source of transportation for them.
The entire SWOOP organization is excited about the ability to provide service beyond just our volunteer component. SWOOP is committed to providing every client the fullest respect and dignity as we meet some of their basic transportation needs for medical appointments, medications and groceries.
SWOOP was founded four years ago to bring these services to the SW corner of Bexar County.
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“My mobility isn’t what it used to be, so it’s nice to know I can count on my SWOOP volunteer to get me where I need to go. Not only has he become a friend, he’s a part of my family.”