SWOOP provides free rides for seniors to medical appointments, pharmacy, grocery and more.

Southwest Outreach for Older People (SWOOP) is a non-profit organization with volunteer drivers who take seniors to and from medical appointments, grocery store, pharmacy, senior center and more. Our safe and reliable drivers, who have completed verified background checks, stay throughout the appointment so that the senior is accompanied from door to door and back home again. SWOOP serves seniors residing in Southwest San Antonio.

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SWOOPSA map of zip codes served with rides for seniors

Looking for volunteer drivers to provide rides as free services for seniors

If you are looking to volunteer with seniors, SWOOP welcomes you to contact us about being a driver in our transportation program. You need to be 18 years or older, have a valid driver’s license and provide your own car. Once you have completed the application process and are accepted, you’ll go through a brief training session. SWOOP reimburses drivers 50 cents a mile when the senior is in the car.

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Your donations help SWOOP provide vital services to seniors in need

SWOOP drivers are not allowed to take tips, but if you donate to our organization, your generous gift will be used to reimburse drivers for their mileage.

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“I am grateful for the support and encouragement my SWOOP volunteer provides to me. She is committed and respectful in every way and I look forward to her arrival to take me to my appointments.”